Since the beginning of civilization, wooden toys have been a very important element in childhood. Even though the children of today are playing differently with toys as thousands of years ago.

In the ancient Greek and Roman empires, the children played with wooden toys such as dolls, horses and wagons. The first children’s toys discovered by archaeologists were made of wood.

There are even small toy horses found in the tombs of ancient Egypt around 1100 BC. Wooden toys have been around for a long time.

Their production started around 1500 in Germany. This is one of the reasons why Nuremberg used to be the largest toy city in the world and is still today in Europe.

The almost lifelike wooden dolls and animals became more and more the favorite wooden children’s toys throughout Europe. The current toy is just as innovative, if not more, than the modern (electronic) toy.

Wooden cars, trucks, pull alongs, pianos, marble balls and kitchenettes, are very nice gifts for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. As well as a quiet party game such as a fishing game or a pull toy that children can walk around with, is made of wood.

Make a toy log truck yourself

How nice would it be if you could make a toy log truck for your child? And how great is a toy log truck as a gift? Indeed, if there is something nice to give, it is a toy log truck.

But how can you make something like that? Can you just do that or do you need something else? And what materials do you have to buy in order to do this.

I have every answer to these questions, since I have more than twenty years of experience with this. That you can make a toy log truck yourself is a fact, but then you still have to read some things.

Oh yes, and of course you also have to get started! Do you want to start building a beautiful toy? Then proceed quickly and I’ll tell you all about making a toy log truck.

How complicated is this project?

Of course, not every project is just as easy and it will arrive at precision work when making a toy log truck with some regularity.

However, you can easily handle this piece and that is because you work with a building plan. In the meantime, this toy log truck construction drawing has already been used by thousands of people, so that you can use this drawing properly is indisputable.

What I find important is that you can make the toy log truck that you want to make. That is why I offer you the freedom to make adjustments yourself, which is a great advantage of working with a building plan.

If you were to buy a wooden toy car, I can assure you that you will not find the car you would like to give your child. Because it is so much more fun to give something that you have made yourself.

This is possible with a toy log truck. And that does not have to cost a lot of money, because you can make a very nice toy log truck with cheap materials.