What Should Be Considered In The Selection Of Toys

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What Should Be Considered In The Selection Of Toys
  1. The selected toy trucks and trailers toy must be appropriate for the child’s age, skill, interest, and developmental breakthrough in order to contribute to the healthy development of the child.
  2. Toys below the age and skill level do not enjoy playing, and may remain in the child’s interest for a very short period of time. The toy can create a sense of failure over the child’s age and skill level, which can cause more developmental disorientation in the child.
  3. The toy should be proportional to the strength of the child’s muscles, weight and size appropriate for the body.
  4. The toy must be functional for the child’s development, not too structured, and should not limit creativity. For example, an empty truck is much more functional than a milk truck. Because the child can carry whatever he wants by placing what he wants in the empty truck of the truck.
  5. In addition to toys for children to play alone, toys for group play should also be taken.
  6. The toy must be washable, durable, rounded corners and sturdy so as not to put the child’s health at risk.
  7. The toy should be at a level where children can easily understand and operate the structural characteristics and use.
  8. Sex discrimination should not be done while taking the toy. If a boy wants to play with a girl, a girl with a boy, it should be allowed. If you develop your skills, there is no problem, for example, when a boy plays with a baby, a girl plays with a truck.

Which toys can be taken for babies and children during what period?

0-6 months: soft toys, light toys; moving toys …

From the 4th month: plastic, soft toys, rattle, soft toys, bathroom toys, which can scratch their teeth comfortably …

6-12 months: various colored blocks, wooden toys, musical books, crawling toys …

1-2 years: Colored crayons, paper; finger puppets, small animal figures, rhythmic music cassettes composed of repetitive words, water pools / toys, toy dolls, cars, simple story books with plenty of pictures …

From 24 moons: Puppet, toy phone, big toy house, excavator, carrier toys, water, clay, sand, game dough, bucket, digging, shovel, carpenter tools, toy truck, train, hammer and wooden nails, big hairy toys, wooden building blocks, 04-6-piece puzzle, kitchen equipment, tunnel through, simple mental games …

From 36 months on: Finger painted, bicycle, pedal car, washing – ironing toys, home imitation imitations, fish – fishing games, simple matching games, crayons, simple dominoes, oversized Legos,

From 48 months: detailed matching games, 6-8-piece puzzle, medium size Legol, puppets and stage, memory games, simple number concept games, small garden equipment …

From 60 months on: Detachable toys, materials belonging to professional groups, 8-12-piece puzzle, intelligence games, home plants that do not want much maintenance, magnets, magnifiers, family playable games …

From 6 years: Various household materials, cutting- and- pasting, painting materials, books, pen-paper activities, building and assembly games …

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