Your child will like to discover the different irregularities of wooden toys . The wood will be sanded and sometimes painted, but the structure will always be different from a completely smooth piece of plastic toys.

Wooden Toys Teach Your Children To Play Differently

With wooden toys it is usually easy to play with and it will encourage your child to use his imagination. Puzzles from wood will encourage children to develop their fine motor skills.

Is it now a fire station or a farm, miniature wooden toys will always contribute in your child’s social and emotional development. It has such a great educational value because of its simplicity.

Children playing with toysplay made of wood, learn a lot about shapes, smells, colors and the warmth it radiates through the long hold.

This helps a lot with the motor skills and the eye hand coordination of your baby, toddler or toddler. With the fun games you can find in our online shop, children improve their math and language skills.

For every age there is something to be found in the fun (wooden) toys of Little Thingz.

A Big Advantage Of Wooden Toys Is The Durability.

It often passes from generation to generation. Grandpa and Grandma like to give their old wooden toys , which you have played with, to their grandchildren. With plastic toys this is usually not the case.

These have more edges and edges and will become dirtier, endure and break much faster. Wooden toys therefore have a much longer life than plastic toys. Some rocking horses are even older than 100 years and usually do not need repair or anything like that. This toy is therefore timeless.