Giant from Wader: Great Toy Cars with Huge Possibilities

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Giant from Wader Great Toy Cars with Huge Possibilities

Let every child in the future, when he becomes an adult, will be good and quality cars! But children’s logging toys are still not forgotten, because they introduce the child to the automobile world, teach him how to drive, feel speed and maneuver in spectacular corners.

If you want to make a wonderful gift for a child and buy him a truly impressive machine with impeccable quality and fantastic possibilities, then this article is for you.

The first own car for a child from 1 year old

It sounds both tempting and incredible. But everything is simple and ingenious: it’s a toy car, which the kid can not only embody , but also ride it on his own  – and this is the opportunity to have great toy cars of the special Giant series from Wader. The child can go himself, pushing his legs, or he can carry one of the adults, tying a cord to the car.

For us, adults, we produce cars of various brands, which we admire, which we dream about or gladly drive. But no, our pleasure can be compared with the incredible impressions that the kid experiences while riding his own toy car!

And will the machine stand?

Impressions are wonderful, but all caring parents will always ask about the strength of the car. So, the big toy cars of the specially developed Giant series have an impressive carrying capacity of up to 150 kg. Therefore, it is clear that the weight of any baby for them is just a trifle, which they can withstand easily. All connections are strong and reliable, and the material is very durable and high-quality, so the machine is designed for years of intensive use, and in any weather.

“Hold fast for the wheel, chauffeur”

To ensure that during the ride the child felt safe and his parents were at peace, the creators of the Gigant machines developed a special wide handle, for which the small driver can hold (or lean against it). The strength of the material leaves no reason for doubt: the pen never fails!

Stunning realism and incredible functionality

In these machines everything that can make the game truly fascinating is embodied. In a series of giant presents and big toy trucks, and tractors and dump trucks and garbage trucks, and trailers, body Well ki – there are plenty to choose from. Depending on the model, these large toy cars can be fold cuz s with lock, moveable bucket, overturned trash can, detachability first trailer and many other interesting features and elements. Such realism will bring simply enormous benefit for the development of the child. He systematizes existing ones and obtains new knowledge about how real machines of different types work.

Special model for girls

The developers of the Giant series did not forget about the “beautiful half” of the children’s audience. For girls, a special truck designed to Junk Noah pink color scheme, with a smile, eyes and eyelashes. Can a girl remain indifferent to such a charming design? But the design is the only thing that distinguishes this truck from other machines of the Giant series. For strength, carrying capacity and functionality, it is absolutely in no way inferior to models for boys.

Large Giant toy cars with detailed specifications are available for order in our online catalog. The car selected by you operatively “will come” to your city to give your kid “gigantic” joy, huge benefit and fantastic impressions!

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